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Work is Started at Memorial Hermann in Houston – City Wide

memorial hermann

Houston, TX – One week ago, the professionals at City Wide Services started cleaning the exterior windows of the Memorial Hermann hospital. Located at 6400 Fannin, TX, the Memorial Hermann is a 28-story medical plaza with 510,000 sq ft. 99 percent of it is occupied by Memorial Hermann. The facility has a 13-level parking garage and offers spectacular views of Hermann Park.

The medical center is the primary teaching facility for the McGovern Medical School at the UTHealth, University of Texas. The center provides advanced care in heat, orthopedics, general surgery, organ transplantation, and neuroscience. It’s one of the certified Level I centers that offers emergency and trauma care to locals.

City Wide has deployed a team of 20 cleaners to wash up the high-up windows on the building. They’ll be working for five hours each day. The project manager anticipates the job will take at least two weeks to complete.

The crew uses water poles to deliver deionized water to the high-up windows. This water is highly-purified and useful in dislodging cations like calcium, iron, calcium, and sulfate in hospitals. Each member of the team is trained in bosun chair techniques and scaffolding, and can even perform Anchor inspections.

Safety was top of the hospital’s management mind. Three other companies they had approached didn’t seem to have the sort of safety measures they were wanted. So, they settled for City Wide after assessing their capability and safety records.

William J. Campbell, one of the directors said:

“Cleaning the windows of high rise buildings like ours is fraught with challenges and risks, that’s why we have brought in a professional team from City Wide to handle the job. We have checked their safety record and window cleaning experience, and it’s fantastic. We are 100% satisfied they value customer safety and the safety of their cleaners”.

Washing the high-up windows of a 28-story building like Hermann Memorial is a monumental task and City Wide Services is taking no chances. When cleaning the building, the cleaners will take good care to avoid damaging glass windows during cleanups. Their cleaners also use advanced and safe tools including ladders, safety belts, long handle brushes, which ensures windows are effectively cleaned and the crew safe.

Mary Anne, one of the Co-founders at City Wide Cleaning Services commented:

“We take the safety of our crew seriously and pride ourselves on always maintaining the highest safety standards while cleaning high rise buildings. We have strict safety practices in place and always adhere to OSHA safety rules.”

The impact of windows goes beyond looks. Staff takes pride in working at a facility that’s clean and neat.

“Over the years, we’ve realized that natural light affects the morale and efficiency of employees. If natural night is obscured by dirty windows, staff productivity could suffer”.

City Wide has 45 years of experience in cleaning high rise windows across the Houston area. If you’d like to have your windows cleaned or building restored, contact City Wide.