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City Wide begins work at The Centrum building in Dallas, TX!

the centrum building

Dallas, TX – City Wide has embarked on construction cleaning and windows cleaning of the Centrum building. Accessible via the Dallas North Tollway, the Centrum sits within a two-mile radius of a prime uptown location. It’s minutes from retail, restaurants, and entertainment.

The Centum is the home of forward-thinking and fresh-minded business owners in uptown Dallas. With over 58,000 square feet of space on a single floor and 100,000 square feet of contiguous space, the building is quickly becoming a hub for creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

Just after Thanksgiving, Cawley Partners, the property manager, approached City Wide to take care of the windows and didn’t think twice about working with the City Wide crew. They had the expertise, tools, and experience required for the job. And they had washed the windows of high-rise buildings as well as low-rise premises.

In deciding to work with City Wide, the property managers looked at their track record and safety record and were impressed. Five other cleaning contractors didn’t look convincing or capable of handling the cleanup. City Wide has been in the window cleaning business for 35 years and a huge portfolio of happy clients who could vouch for their services including malls and commercial hubs.

City Wide has deployed a crew of 30 professional cleaners to clean the low-rise section and then the high-rise building. They’re equipped with window mops, microfiber wipes, squeegees, and buckets. Working for at least four hours a day, the crew covers one descent and hand-cleans every window on their way down. The company anticipates cleaning could take anywhere from a week to two weeks.

Safety is always a concern for window cleaners scaling high rise buildings. Cases of cleaners falling or materials hurtling down and hitting passersby aren’t uncommon. In order to protect its crew and visitors, City Wide took out a $10 million umbrella insurance policy. The cleaning team is also trained in both bosun chair techniques and scaffold and can conduct Anchor inspections. Cleaners use safety belts and avoid unnecessary maneuvers when cleaning the exterior.

Work started in earnest in the first week of December. Water poles are used to deliver deionized

water for a streak-free shine. This type of water is highly purified and commonly used to dislodge cations like iron, calcium and sulfate in hospitals and microprocessor labs.

So far, the windows cleaning exercise has progressed smoothly thanks to the meticulous planning of the head cleaner. At the end of each working day, the supervisor takes stock of the day’s work and plans for the next day. The crew is assigned sections and work in teams of three.

Low-rise window cleaning can turn out to be a source of consternation where technicians aren’t tactful or courteous. There’s been no incident on the site because CityWide Services deployed a professional team that took precautions not to disrupt tenants and distract retail customers.

City Wide cleaners marveled at how clean and well-maintained the edifice is. In a few days’ time, the crew hopes to complete the remaining section so tenants can usher in the New Year with sparkling clean windows.