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City Wide begins work at the Houston Post Oak buildings!

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What would Houston be without the towering skyscrapers that dot the city’s skyline? And how dull would those architectural marvels be if their windows didn’t sparkle during the day?

City Wide Services, Houston’s premier window cleaning service, has embarked on cleaning the Post Oak building ahead of the festive season. Comprising three buildings, the mixed-use development is one of the iconic premises at the heart of Houston’s uptown business district. The buildings have 1.2 million square feet of premier office space and 90,000 square feet of retail space.

Envisaging this would be a challenging job, City Wide assembled an experienced team of cleaners with the expertise required for high-rise window cleaning, along with the best cleaning tools. A supervisor was assigned to manage a team of 20-plus crew members. Working from the top of the skyscrapers to the bottom, they completed the first building in a record 10 days.

Starting from the outside, the crew cleaned the exterior windows which had accumulated dust and dirt. They wiped the panes and removed gunk, leaving no speck of dirt untouched. They then turned their attention to the inside and cleaned the windows’ interiors so natural light could come in.

The biggest challenge the cleaners faced washing the high-rise window was the fact that the Post Oak buildings are not 100% glass but a combination of glass, metal, and concrete. To prepare for the cleanup, the City Wide team got everything that was needed for the exercise, including window mops, microfiber wipes to remove dust from the windows, and squeegees.

As the company co-founders say, for City Wide, the safety of the crew and the clients is a priority when cleaning high-risk windows. The cleaners are trained for this kind of work and adhere to advanced safety measures, all while using safety resources at their disposal. The crew uses safety belts and avoids unnecessary risks when cleaning the exterior of high-rise windows.

When looking to have their high rise windows cleaned, property owners often have to call cleaning services to book appointments. City Wide service clients no longer have to make office calls to schedule appointments. They simply need to call the office and request the cleaning crew to come over and do the work. Free estimates are provided right on-site. The work can commence on the same day.

Understanding that clients lead busy lives, the co-founders allow their clients to schedule dates and time that suits them. The cleaning crew is available to do the job at the client’s convenience. Never an hour early or late, cleaners have always arrived at the agreed time, ready to start work.

Sparkling glass and dirt-free windows are the hallmarks of professional window cleaners. City Wide Cleaning Services crews are known to leave only when the customer is fully satisfied with the outcome. It’s no surprise that the property manager at Post Oak building decided to work with City Wide Services.

“Few cleaners were up to the challenge. But this firm has had a fantastic track record cleaning and maintaining the exterior of high rise buildings like Post Oaks. We are banking on them as they have the tools, skills, and capability to handle the most complex cleaning job,” The building manager said.

For over 35 years, City Wide has been providing professional cleaning services to businesses across Houston. Their expertise includes high-rise window cleaning, stain removal, construction cleaning, and wet glazing of windows.