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How Often You Need To Budget For Various Services

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Build Your Exterior Maintenance Budget


When budgeting for any business setting, it’s important to plan ahead. However, facility managers and building service contractors know how difficult it can be to determine a budget and stick to it. An organization’s or client’s goals may change throughout the year, and it’s nearly impossible to foresee expenses that can arise from workplace or building structural issues and natural disasters—especially when they pertain to your facility’s exterior.


First impressions matter.


We are not only talking about what customers think of your products and services.  But rather, how they perceive your brand.

The truth is; no one wants to work in or do business with a company that has a shabby looking office space.

Keeping a clean building tells your customers that you are a trustworthy business. One that cares. Not just about its customers but also its employees.

To keep this image, you will need a professional team backing you, and that means budgeting.

In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about how often you need budget for building services and which services.


How Often You Should Budget 


Building your budget will first depend on you knowing which services your company needs. Here are a few services you should be considering and how often you should be including them in your budget.




Caulking is applying caulk to fill in gaps and seams to ensure pipes are leak resistant. Caulking is not one of those weekly services, but one you will still need to include in your budget.


When it comes to how many times you should be caulking your business, there are several factors you should consider. Has your business space been newly built? Then you want to have a team of experts caulking within the first two years. But if your building has been up for several years, you can expect to reapply the caulk after five years. However, don’t neglect inspecting your pipes for leaks annually.


Power Washing

If your building is prone to algae or dirt, then the answer is in a good power wash. Power washing makes use of pressurized water to clean surfaces.

Try scheduling a power wash three times a year. However, factors like the weather and environment can play a role in how often you power wash your building.

For example, if your building is surrounded by more earth than paving, you may have to schedule washing four times a year.


Parking Garage Striping

Every now and again, those parking garage lines begin to fade, making parking a nightmare. So, routine parking garage striping is a professional service you should be considering to ensure safety on your building grounds.


When it comes to awakening those parking garage lines, our advice is that you complete it every two years. But if your lines are fading before the second year comes around, then re-strip immediately.


Anchor Load Test

When the OSHA changed maintenance regulation, it left businesses no choice but to install certified anchors on their rooftops. This also meant they had to perform regular check-ups on their anchors instead of leaving it up to contractors.

The OSHA also made certification of anchors used in rope descent systems to be conducted no more than every 10 years. But because of other regulations, like the ASME, we recommend recertifying your anchors every five years. This way, you ensure your building never misses a certification period.


Building Your Budget 

Budgeting for your building services is the best way to ensure that your building remains looking neat and meets regulations without breaking the bank. 

Here at City Wide one of our experts can help you with all your budgeting needs.