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    Window Cleaning
    City Wide Building Services

    For buildings over five stories, contact City Wide to schedule our specially trained high rise window washers.

    OSHA requires an annual Davit & Anchor inspection to ensure the rooftop anchors are capable of supporting 5000lbs .

    City Wide’s Window Washing professionals are trained in both scaffold and bosun chair techniques as well as how to conduct Anchor inspections.

    Our professionals have over twenty years of experience maintaining the value of DFW’s buildings and will do the same for you.

    High Rise Window Cleaning

    High Rise window cleaning requires a special skill set, attention to detail, and impeccable safety standards. The team at City Wide Building Services, knows exactly what is needed to restore and maintain the exterior of high rise buildings. At City Wide, we specialize in High Rise Window Cleaning, we have the skills, tools and training to make even the largest, most complex jobs go smoothly.

    Low Rise Window Cleaning

    Most low Rise buildings consist of buildings with four floors and below. City Wide’s carbon fiber telescoping water poles are capable of reaching 4th floor windows while keeping our window washing professionals safely on the ground. Our low rise window washing services are done safely and with environmentally friendly cleaning products. If you choose City Wide for your low rise window cleaning needs, you will see clearly why our window washers are the best in North Texas.

    Our water pole’s use deionized water to deliver a streak free shine. Deionized water is a hyper-purified water used in hospital and microprocessor labs that utilizes a mixed resin procedure to remove cations like sodium, calcium, iron, and copper, and anions such as chloride and sulfate to less than 10ppm to ensure no streaks are left on your windows. With a little bit of science and some hard work, our professional window washers will have your office windows clean and streak free.

    For first floor properties, our technicians are trained and courteous professionals who take every precaution not to distract from your customer or tenant’s environment.

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