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    City Wide
    Building Services

    City Wide Building Services is a full service building maintenance company with 40 years of experience maintaining and preserving Texas’ best landmarks. Our professionals are ready to help you maximize the value of your property.​

    Fort Worth Texas

    Fort Worth is the fifth largest city in Texas, and it’s the 27th largest across the country. Its status as one of the largest cities in the United States means that it’s always moving forward, and the skyline is truly something to behold.

    From high rises to one-story buildings, Fort Worth has a huge variety of buildings. Those buildings need very specific care, and it’s care you may never have thought of yourself. This is where an expert can help by assessing your needs and formulating a plan to deal with them.

    Industrial services in Fort Worth are flourishing as Fort Worth residents continue to take pride in the beauty of their buildings. City Wide is here to help with your Fort Worth business needs.

    Landmarks And Architectural Of Fort Worth Texas

    The industrial services sector in Fort Worth is so large because many businesses are looking to make their home in the city. With so many different buildings in and around Fort Worth, you’re going to need to maintain your business’s building somehow. City Wide can help you in the areas of beauty, structural stability, and DIY.

    It’s definitely a good idea to think a little bit about the beauty of the building you’re in. You can’t just leave your building entirely on its own when it comes to beauty. City Wide can help you bolster your company’s building with services like window washing, pressure washing, and high dusting.

    Your building’s structural integrity is also important to pay attention to. Texas has a significant history stretching back decades, which extends to its buildings. Many older buildings have structural problems, which is exactly why it’s so crucial to take advantage of City Wide’s services, including building restoration, anchor inspection, and anchor installation.

    Most companies will pass the majority of their building needs over to an expert, but there are some things that you can DIY for your building. To help you with that, City Wide offers services like equipment rentals and anchor load test certifications.

    With its variety of historical landmarks and gorgeous architectural marvels, Fort Worth is nothing if not a beautiful location. There are plenty of places where anyone, whether they’re a tourist or a local, can go to marvel at the sights of Fort Worth.

    This includes high-rise buildings like the Burnett Plaza, coming in at an incredible 567 feet high, or 40 floors. It’s been the tallest building in Fort Worth since 1983, the year the construction crew completed it. Its hundreds of windowpanes require immense upkeep to maintain their shine.

    The city has also been around for over 150 years, which is why it’s got a variety of very old buildings still around. There are a number of buildings that have passed the 100-year mark and are still going strong, largely due to the efforts of upkeep specialists who know exactly how to manage these century-old buildings.

    No matter where you go to see the beauty of Fort Worth, there’s going to be a building there that massively enhances the area. Keep your eyes open for gorgeous Fort Worth buildings as you walk around the area to get the best experience.

    Around the city, you’ll find a variety of different design styles. Older buildings tend to have a flair for Spanish and Catholic architecture, while new buildings tend to be on the cutting edge of the design world, showcasing some of the most new and interesting design types.

    However, regardless of what design style a building uses, it needs upkeep. This upkeep may certainly vary from building to building, but it’s important to remember that the newest buildings need just as much upkeep as buildings that have been around for over a hundred years. They just need different types of upkeep.

    With an older building, you’re more likely to need some upkeep when it comes to the home’s structure. Once you have the structure taken care of, you can invest into the rest of the building, including making sure the outside looks incredible.

    On the other hand, with buildings that were built in the last few decades, you’re less likely to have to put a lot of effort into structural maintenance. What you should do is make sure you’re paying a lot of attention to ensuring a great look.

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