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    City Wide Building Services is a full service building maintenance company with 40 years of experience maintaining and preserving Texas’ best landmarks. Our professionals are ready to help you maximize the value of your property.​

    Little Rock Arkansas

    As the capital and most populous city of Arkansas, Little Rock is nothing if not a prominent fixture in the minds of Arkansas residents. Not only is it a fixture of Arkansas, but Little Rock is also an economic and cultural marker in the South as a whole.

    Because of its extensive history and point of pride in the South, Little Rock has a huge variety of buildings. That includes many historic districts and neighborhoods, which means Little Rock has an interesting mixture of architectural options.

    The number of people in Little Rock has caused many industrial services to boom. If you’re interested in making sure that your business’s buildings are taken care of, consider talking to City Wide to learn more about industrial service options.

    CityWide Building Services for Little Rock, Arkansas​

    CityWide has provided premier complex commercial window cleaning services throughout Texas and the surrounding areas for over 50 years. No matter what services you’re looking for, whether you’re covering a high-rise skyscraper, a single-story retail location, or something in between, CityWide will maintain and protect every property, providing a pristine and welcoming focus for your customers.

    Additionally, CityWide protects our customers with over $10 million of insurance and the largest team of International Window Cleaning Association (IWCA) certified technicians in Texas. We’re trusted with over 4,000 properties, and we’re excited to be able to add yours to our roster. With CityWide, you can always be sure you’re getting the excellent care you expect.

    Little Rock’s tall history

    Commercial Window Cleaning in Little Rock, Arkansas​

    When someone first sets eyes on your commercial building, one of the first things they’re likely to notice is imperfections in the glass. That may include dirt, smudges, and streaks, whether from not cleaning your windows or unprofessionally cleaning your windows. Glass imperfections can reflect poorly on your building and your business, potentially deterring new customers and clients.

    That’s where CityWide comes into play. CityWide allows you to ensure that your windows always look beautiful, providing a beautiful backdrop to do business on.

    window washing

    Commercial Pressure Washing in Little Rock, Arkansas​

    If you’re looking to get rid of discoloration or significant amounts of dirt on the exterior of your building, pressure washing may be the perfect option. With pressure washing, you can restore various dirty surfaces, including concrete that may have been dirty for months or years. This cleanliness inspires confidence in your company, reinforcing a thoughtful image for your organization.

    Regardless of what surface you’re looking to clean, from exterior walls to driveways and sidewalks, CityWide can help your business with commercial pressure washing.

    Architectural Influences Of Little Rock, Arkansas

    Little Rock’s initial name, La Petite Roche, should give you an indication of many of the architectural influences of the area. There are definitely French architectural influences, especially in many of the historic districts, although as Little Rock became part of the United States, it started to utilize many of the architectural influences of the rest of the country.

    Skyscrapers are a huge part of Little Rock’s skyline, and you can see that just by taking a quick look. Simmons Tower, the tallest building in Little Rock, is 546 feet tall, or 40 floors, and it’s a truly awe-inspiring building design.

    The naming of Little Rock took place in 1722 by a French colonist, but it didn’t become an incorporated city for over 100 years; the incorporation of the city was in 1831. That means Little Rock has a wealth of history waiting for people to explore it, especially when it comes to architecture and design.

    Of course, you don’t need to be an architectural genius to understand how beautiful Little Rock is. There are a variety of reasons to love Little Rock, and for many people, just walking around the city is enough to really understand why so many people call Little Rock their home.

    Little Rock Building Restoration Services

    On high-rise buildings, you must have well-functioning roof anchor systems. These systems allow crew and equipment to safely navigate your building’s external surfaces, regardless of how they do so. Government organizations require you to follow specific guidelines for these anchors and to get yearly inspections to ensure the safety of these crew members.

    Whether you’re getting an initial installation for your roof anchors or looking to recertify for another year, CityWide provides annual inspections, load test certification, assessments, and installation for your high-rise.

    Anchor Inspection & Certification for Little Rock Commercial Buildings

    Your building façade doesn’t have to look crumbling and ancient — restoration services allow you to attain a beautiful, modern façade again. The building restoration services available at CityWide can help you restore the building to its original glory, making sure your building looks as beautiful as you want.

    Whether you’re just starting to deal with building issues or the issues are becoming difficult to ignore, CityWide can help you understand the benefits of building restoration services.

    Compact Atrium Lifts for Buildings in Little Rock

    If you have a large atrium in your high-rise, an atrium lift, also called a compact crawler lift, may be important for certain services. These lifts are marked by a compact design, which allows them to fit through doorways and down stairways, helping you get lifts inside buildings for everything from signage installation to light replacement.

    Our atrium lifts provide options between 19 feet and 95 feet, and we also provide lift operators if you don’t have your own. Contact CityWide to see what atrium lifts will work best for you.

    photo of a worker on a lift

    Architectural Restoration for Little Rock Buildings

    Architectural restoration is a specific type of restoration that focuses on maintaining the architectural style of the original building. Suppose there are restoration issues with a historical or unique building. In that case, you can get help from CityWide with wet glazing and sealing windows, caulking, sealing, and other crack repair services, rust and stain removal, and concrete repair and cleaning.

    Don’t let these issues eventually build to a point where they may permanently harm your building. Contact CityWide for assistance with architectural restoration.

    If there’s one thing that defines Little Rock, it’s its significant history. That history is a huge draw for many businesses, but it also means the buildings in the city often require pretty significant maintenance on a daily basis. City Wide is helping Little Rock businesses with three pillars of maintenance: beauty, structure, and DIY.

    When you look at your business’s building, what does it say? Ideally, it should be welcoming and, most importantly, clean. The beauty of your business’s building is a crucial element of that, and it’s why City Wide offers such services as window washing, pressure washing, and high dusting.

    The structural integrity of a building is crucial to its maintenance, especially in a historic area like Little Rock. Little Rock buildings may be very old, which is why it’s so important to consider structural maintenance options from City Wide, which may include building restoration, anchor inspection, and anchor installation.

    Lastly, look at the options City Wide offers for DIY fixes and opportunities. If you’re planning to tackle certain things on your own, you need to consider services like equipment rentals and anchor load test certifications, all of which are important for DIY.

    As a city, Little Rock has a history stretching back nearly 190 years. However, its history is even older than that. People were living and even doing business in Little Rock years before its official incorporation, which means the architectural history of Little Rock is longstanding.

    It doesn’t matter whether a building has a 100-year history or a one-year history, however. Either way, you’re going to need to upkeep the building. Your ability to maintain your business’s building can have an impact on its health.

    When you think of buildings that might have structural and upkeep concerns, you probably think mostly about historic buildings. It’s true that historic buildings tend toward having structural problems, but maintaining structural problems in historic buildings doesn’t have to be difficult.

    As a matter of fact, many people have more issues with modern buildings than historic buildings in this context. Because people tend to think of new buildings as being more structurally sound, they may not put in the work necessary to maintain their business’s building.

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