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    City Wide Building Services is a full service building maintenance company with 40 years of experience maintaining and preserving Texas’ best landmarks. Our professionals are ready to help you maximize the value of your property.​

    Midland Texas

    Midland may only be the 24th most-populous state in Texas, but that doesn’t mean you should just forget about it. It’s also an important Texan city and its economy relies heavily on petroleum, with plenty of telecommunications and distribution additionally part of the Midland structure.

    The variety of buildings in Midland are evidence of a city that provides opportunities to a wide variety of individuals. Whether you want your office in a high-rise or you’re looking for a home on the first floor, Midland probably has an opportunity for you.

    Due to the significance of crude oil and natural gas output in Midland, business is absolutely a huge part of Midland. When you’re looking to maintain your business’s buildings, consider how City Wide might be able to help.

    Architecture Of Midland Texas

    Midland, Texas prides itself on being a gorgeous town with a healthy economic center, which is exactly why your business might consider starting to function out of Midland. However, you’re going to need a building, and that means you’ll need to maintain that building. To maintain your building, you’ll need to focus on beauty, structure, and DIY fixes, which City Wide can help with.

    The beauty of a building is an important element when it comes to what people think about first and foremost when they see your company. That’s what City Wide wants to help you with, using services like window washing, pressure washing, and high dusting.

    Especially considering that Texas tends to have buildings that are decades old, it’s a good idea to consider structural integrity as well. Maintaining a building is about making sure it can stand on its own, especially if you’re in an older building. City Wide can help with services like building restoration, anchor inspection, and anchor installation.

    Lastly, there are some things you might be able to DIY. Sure, most maintenance you’ll want to leave to an expert, but there are some elements of the maintenance process that you may want to do yourself. City Wide’s equipment rentals and anchor load test certification are great for that.

    Even though architectural landmarks might not be a huge part of Midland’s culture, that doesn’t mean architecture is a completely forgotten form of art in Midland. As a matter of fact, the 1980s saw an oil and gas boom that fueled a huge building boom in and around Midland.

    With its nickname “The Tall City,” Midland has become well-known for its downtown skyline. That includes two buildings over 300 feet: the Wilco Building, standing at 308 feet or 22 floors, and the Bank of America Building, which stands at 332 feet or 24 floors. It even has some extremely modern designs for many of these buildings.

    Midland got its start as Midway Station in 1881; it changed its name to Midland because there were already other towns in Texas called Midway. However, it really got its name on the map in 1923 when some Midland residents discovered oil in the area, turning it into the administrative center for the West Texas Oil Fields.

    Today, Midland still retains a lot of its beauty from the oil booms in the 1920s and the 1970s-80s. Many of the buildings in Midland have both function and form as their baseline intention, which certainly makes for a great opportunity for businesses getting their start here.

    One thing you’ll immediately notice as you start to look around Midland is the fact that function is a significant part of the architecture of the city. This is great because it means your business likely won’t have to worry as much about architectural problems, even in older buildings.

    Regardless of whether you choose to inhabit an older building or a newer one, it’s good to remember that upkeep is a must either way. You need to make sure your buildings are safe and look good.

    Typically, older buildings are going to need more structural maintenance. However, these older buildings can often benefit from external maintenance as well; you need to pay attention to both if you want a great-looking business building.

    Newer buildings tend not to have as many structural problems, leading many of these building owners to focus largely on beauty upkeep. Of course, both structural and appearance upkeep are important for all buildings, regardless of their age or problems.

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