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    City Wide
    Building Services

    City Wide Building Services is a full service building maintenance company with 40 years of experience maintaining and preserving Texas’ best landmarks. Our professionals are ready to help you maximize the value of your property.​

    San Antonio, Texas

    When you think of cities in Texas, there are probably a few that come to mind almost immediately, and San Antonio may just be one of them. With its historical importance and its size, coming in at second-largest in Texas and seventh-largest in the United States, it’s no wonder San Antonio is so important to Texas residents.

    There are 93 high-rises in San Antonio, including eight over 100 meters tall. That has created a truly grand skyline that San Antonio residents are understandably pretty proud of. Plus, its situation as one of the United States’ economic centers makes it a great option for businesses moving into the area.

    This economic growth has caused a variety of industries to grow, and one of those has been industrial services. There are plenty of industrial services available for San Antonio businesses so you can make sure your building stays beautiful. City Wide can provide the industrial services you’re looking for, regardless of what they might be.

    CityWide Building Services for San Antonio, Texas

    With more than 50 years of experience, CityWide is one of the best services in Texas and beyond if you’re looking for premier complex commercial window cleaning services. We can help you with maintenance for any building, from tall high-rises to single-story retail locations. No matter what kind of buildings you own, CityWide can help with protection and maintenance.

    CityWide has more to offer than just a great track record. We also provide $10 million of insurance and the largest team of International Window Cleaning Association (IWCA) certified technicians in Texas. With our great services and strong industry connections, we’ve been able to work with over 4,000 properties, providing the best in building care for every single one. If you want to get this high-quality care, contact CityWide today.

    San Antonio’s beautiful building aesthetic

    Commercial Window Cleaning in San Antonio, Texas

    If you own a commercial building, investing in commercial window cleaning is a good idea. Windows show prominent imperfections, including dirt, smudges, and general streaks. This can be even more impactful if you own a high-rise building with many windows facing the outside. The best way to make a great impact on people who are seeing your building for the first time is to have clean windows.

    Regardless of how many windows you need to be cleaned, CityWide can help. Contact us today for more information about your window cleaning needs.

    Commercial Pressure Washing in San Antonio, Texas

    It’s common for people to deal with discoloration on the outside of their buildings. However, you might be surprised if you’ve just assumed this is staining you can’t fix. Much of the discoloration you see on your building could be fixed with pressure washing, including discoloration on sidewalks, driveways, and even exterior walls.

    Many of the surfaces of your building can benefit from a great pressure wash. Contact CityWide to learn more about your pressure washing options.

    Architecture Of San Antonio Texas

    It’s common for people to consider San Antonio a great place for a new business. After all, it’s one of the ten most populous cities in the United States and has a wide variety of business opportunities. When you’re considering a building, make sure you think about building maintenance through three areas: beauty, structural integrity and DIY.

    Beauty is, of course, one of the important things to keep in mind as you consider maintenance for your building. City Wide offers window washing, pressure washing and high dusting, all of which can be extremely beneficial for someone who’s looking to make their building look even more beautiful.

    Structural integrity is extremely important as well, especially if you’re planning to work out of a historic or just generally old building. You can take advantage of City Wide’s services, such as building restoration, anchor inspection and anchor installation, for structural stability benefits.

    There are some DIY elements of building maintenance that you might want to consider as well. Whether you’re doing it all yourself or you’re subcontracting out, you can get equipment rentals and anchor load test certification from City Wide.

    Anchor Inspection & Certification for San Antonio Commercial Buildings

    Roof anchor systems are an important part of maintaining a tall building. These systems allow the crew to rappel down the external walls of your building so they can perform maintenance tasks like repairs and window cleaning. However, that means the crew needs to be able to trust your roof anchor systems.

    This is why governmental regulations require you to get initial certifications and annual inspections for your roof anchor systems. If you’re looking for annual inspections, load test certifications, anchor assessments, or installation services, CityWide is the best one-stop shop for your roof anchor system needs.

    Compact Atrium Lifts for Buildings in San Antonio

    Many components on tall buildings may not be accessible with a traditional ladder. This is where atrium lifts, called compact crawler lifts, come into play. These lifts can go inside buildings and up and down stairways, allowing them to help you access either external or internal components of your building.

    CityWide provides atrium lifts of heights between 19 and 95 feet. If you need an operator for your lift, CityWide can also provide a trained operator.

    Both old and new buildings can be an important element of a city’s history. Old buildings and new buildings alike work together to make a city’s history something that its residents can be truly proud of. That means no matter what building your business is in, you should make sure you put effort into maintaining it.

    An older building will typically require more structural maintenance. It’s totally normal for an older building to have more structural concerns, especially if it’s a taller building or a building that’s otherwise more architecturally daring. Maintaining the structure is the most important element in this situation.

    Many newer buildings don’t need as much structural maintenance, although it is important to keep structural maintenance in mind still. For many newer buildings, you can delve immediately into making sure the building looks beautiful from the outside because the structure will be stronger.

    Architectural Restoration for San Antonio Buildings

    Many buildings have architectural significance. Whether your building has a relationship with a famous architect or has specialty architectural components within your building, anyone who helps fix your building must maintain these significant architectural components.

    CityWide understands how to provide services like wet glazing and window sealing, crack repair, caulking and sealing, rust and stain removal, and concrete repair and cleaning, all without harming your architecture.

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