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    City Wide
    Building Services

    City Wide Building Services is a full service building maintenance company with 40 years of experience maintaining and preserving Texas’ best landmarks. Our professionals are ready to help you maximize the value of your property.​

    Houston Texas

    As the largest city in Texas and the South, Houston holds a unique position as a great place for people to spread their wings. Its metropolitan area houses over seven million people, which means it’s become a hotspot for people who are looking for something new.

    The best part about these interests is the fact that Houston has attracted many people with an eye for design and construction. That means Houston has one of the most incredible skylines you’ll ever see in a city.

    A slant toward architectural pride means that Houston is one of the most beautiful places to take a look at architecture. Industrial services like the ones you’ll find at City Wide help these architectural marvels maintain their stability.

    CityWide Building Services for Houston, Texas

    If you’re looking for commercial window cleaning services with plenty of experience in the field, CityWide is a great choice. We have over 50 years of experience serving Texas and the surrounding areas, providing services for everyone, from owners of ultra-high-rise buildings to those who own just single-story retail buildings. If you’re looking for protection and maintenance, CityWide’s services are a great choice.

    Plus, CityWide is trusted for more than just our extensive experience. We also maintain $10 million of insurance, ensuring a high protection rate for our clients, and work with the largest team of International Window Cleaning Association (IWCA) certified technicians in Texas. This is what has let us work with over 4,000 properties. Join a team that understands the importance of great business services — contact CityWide today.

    Modern skyline of Houston, Texas

    Commercial Pressure Washing in Houston, Texas

    The exterior of a building will often deal with serious discoloration and dirt buildup. It’s common to see sidewalks and driveways, for example, that are completely discolored, often in ways that just normal soap and water won’t be able to fix. That’s where commercial pressure washing comes into play, washing off what may be months or years of dirt.

    Regardless of the exterior surface that needs cleaning, CityWide is a great starting point for your commercial pressure washing needs.

    Pressure Washing

    High-Rises Of Houston Texas

    With the Houston metropolis area housing so many people, it only makes sense that it would also attract plenty of businesses and companies. If your company is thinking about working out of Houston, you need to make sure that your company’s building is top-notch. That’s where City Wide comes in, offering beauty, structure, and DIY options for your company.

    Ensuring a beautiful exterior is definitely one thing you can do to make your business look more presentable. Businesses need to look presentable, and with window washing, pressure washing, and high dusting services from City Wide, you can do just that.

    Structural maintenance is also important, especially if you’re in a historic Houston area. This type of maintenance is crucial if you’re going to make sure that your building stays standing, and City Wide can help with building restoration, anchor inspection, and anchor installation.

    Although many elements of building maintenance work best when you allow an expert to do them, it’s true that there are some things you might be able to do on your own. These DIY elements are important to pay attention to as well, so you can consult City Wide for options like equipment rentals and anchor load test certification.

    The skyline in Houston is nothing if not Texas-sized. Houston has over 50 high-rises more than 130 meters tall, with a majority of them over 150 meters. Plus, because it has no zoning restrictions, skyscrapers have popped up all over the city.

    The tallest building in Houston is the JPMorgan Chase Tower, coming in at an incredible 305.4 meters, which is 1,002 feet or 75 floors tall. It’s one of the most recognizable elements of the Houston skyline, as it’s the 21st-tallest building in the United States.

    Since its foundation in the early 1800s, Houston has been a city that’s always been growing and changing. In fact, one of the reasons it’s grown into the fourth-largest city in the United States is that the city has a variety of connections to other cities both local and abroad, making it a longstanding center for trade and industry.

    It’s not hard to see why so many people have moved to Houston over the years. Even aside from the variety of opportunities that a Houston life can afford you, its beauty is truly something to marvel at, regardless of whether you’re a resident or a tourist.

    Houston Building Restoration Services

    Buildings will naturally deal with degradation over time. As a building owner, you must ensure you deal with that degradation effectively. The best thing to do is always to fix the problem as early as possible; if you wait too long, you risk smaller problems developing into much larger problems, which are likely to be far more expensive and difficult to fix.

    The moment you start noticing issues with your building, it’s a good idea to get in touch with CityWide to discuss your next steps.

    woman Budgeting

    Anchor Inspection & Certification for Houston Commercial Buildings

    Owners of high-rises and other very tall buildings often need to install roof anchor systems. These systems allow crew and equipment to access the outside of your building by rappelling downward from the roof. However, to do so, they need to trust that the roof anchor systems can hold them. That’s why government agencies put regulations on roof anchor systems, requiring you to get initial certification and annual inspections to ensure safety.

    With CityWide, you can get annual inspections, load test certifications, anchor assessments, and installation services. This makes CityWide a great choice for roof anchor system help.

    Compact Atrium Lifts for Buildings in Houston

    An atrium lift, also called a compact crawler lift, is a great way to access extremely tall building components, including components that you may not be able to access with a typical ladder or stepladder. These lifts allow you to access internal and external components of the building, as they’re compact enough for you to bring them in doorways and up and down stairways.

    With CityWide’s atrium lifts, you can easily access heights between 19 and 95 feet. If you don’t have your atrium lift operator, we can also provide you with a trained operator.

    Because of Houston’s long history, there are a variety of buildings that date back more than hundreds of years. Some of the homes and buildings in and around Houston date back to the late 1800s when Houston was still establishing itself as an important part of Texas.

    With a variety of historical societies in and around Houston, it’s clear that Houston really values its history. Plus, these historical societies often take on the responsibility of maintaining upkeep for these buildings. Regardless of the age of a building, upkeep will always be an important element.

    Older buildings traditionally need more upkeep than newer ones. That’s because older buildings are more likely to have structural problems than newer ones. Once those structural problems are no longer a concern, however, the owner of the building can move on to making sure the building looks amazing from the outside.

    Younger buildings, especially those built in the last few decades, typically don’t need that much structural maintenance, although taller buildings will need more maintenance than shorter ones. However, they do need a lot of upkeep when it comes to the exterior.

    Architectural Restoration for Houston Buildings

    There are plenty of buildings that have special architectural components. Even these buildings deal with deterioration, however. When it comes time to restore buildings with important architectural features, you must have a restoration expert who can deal with these architectural quirks.

    If you need help with architectural restoration, contact CityWide. We can help with wet glazing and window sealing, crack repair services, rust and stain removal, and concrete repair and cleaning.

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