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Ways To Avoid A Property Management Lawsuit

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Ways To Avoid A Property Management Lawsuit

The property management industry will soon be worth $39.51 billion. And that means landlords across the nation can enjoy some much-needed security. That is until the lawsuits come flying in. 

In every state, laws hold landlords accountable for the maintenance of their property and the safety of their tenants. Abiding by “landlord-tenant” laws can be easy, especially if you know what to avoid.

This article will tell you several ways to avoid a property management lawsuit.

Whether you run a residential or commercial property, it is always best to stay clear of instances that lead to court. Here are the top ways to evade a property management lawsuit:


Building Restoration

Building restoration is not an indulgent activity left for historical landmarks or even buildings that have outlived their eras. It is an activity every property manager should participate in now and again.

And when it comes time to give your building the needed facelift, there are some building musts.



Proofing is a technique of ensuring that water doesn’t compromise the integrity of your building. 

When you hire a proofing company, go for a team with expert experience in window wet glazing, elastomeric coating, and removing and replacing the gasket with silicone. 



Restoration services are impertinent when it comes to keeping your building  looking clean. 

In most states, we find landlords being sued for mold-related problems, such as health conditions and property damage. This is where you may want to hire a pressure washing or a building facade cleaning crew.

If you are experiencing a mold problem, consider bringing in a plumbing team to look at your pipes. Where there is mold, there too you can find leaks or dampness.

Our restoration services include metal panel refinishing, alucobond panel cleaning, and crack repairing and sealing.


Don’t Unreasonably Withhold the Security Deposit

While there are legitimate reasons to withhold a tenant’s deposit, ensuring that you are acting in conjunction with state laws is the best way to avoid a lawsuit.

Have clear documentation of your reasons to keep back the deposit. This could mean pictures, lease agreements, and video footage of your property before and after habitation.


Here are some legal reasons to withhold a tenant’s deposit:

Tenant-related damage (outside the scope of normal wear and tear)

Cleaning costs

Unpaid rent


Privacy Violations

As a property manager, you own the building. But once it is inhabited; residential or commercial, you have given away access to that building. There will certainly be times for routine maintenance. But even with these, we wouldn’t advise you to show up unannounced. 

To avoid summons, clearly outline maintenance dates in your lease. And be cautious when you install recording devices like security cameras. The line can sometimes be blurry and easy to cross. 


Find the Right Maintenance Partner

As a landlord or property manager, you carry the responsibility to ensure that those who use your building are safe. Dealing with the inevitable wear and tear will help you protect your investment. 

When it comes to keeping your building in the best shape, partner with industry experts City Wide Building Services.