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What Makes Commercial Window Washers Superior?

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Whether you own a two-story mall or a high-rise building, you will have two clean up its windows someday. Who you hire to wash up the dirty windows will determine the results you’ll get. Let’s go over a couple of reasons you should opt for commercial window cleaning for your business.


1. Health and safety

When it comes to commercial window washing, health and safety are paramount. Cleaners are supposed to observe all the safety standards of a building and those of a region or state. This will ensure that nobody gets hurt in the process of cleaning, and if an accident occurs, individuals who sustain injuries get quick medical assistance.


As well as undergoing proper training, the window cleaners at City Wide Building Services use the right cleaning tools for the job. For instance, they wear protective gear and use warning signage to alert passers-by of ongoing window washing work.


In addition, commercial window washers understand the nature of the chemicals they use to wash your windows and how to handle them safely. They also understand the risks of handling dust; hence, they plan how to clean the windows without allowing the dust to affect any ongoing work, causing air pollution or affecting your neighbors.


2. Save time and money

Commercial window washers invest a lot of money to buy state-of-the-art equipment and also train their technicians to work effectively. That means you won’t have to buy expensive equipment that you won’t use regularly.


Another thing: Their cleaners use body harnesses and access ropes, which enable them to scale buildings and move from window to window quickly. Within a few hours, they’ll have finished cleaning up an entire building.


3. Regulatory compliance

Commercial window cleaning is regulated. Cleaning services have to adhere to local, state and federal laws as well as safety regulations such as OSHA. That’s not to mention the licensing requirements for window cleaning technicians. By working with commercial window cleaners, you are entrusting your windows and property to professionals who understand their jobs and what’s required of them on-site.


Some state and local authorities impose restrictions on who should clean windows. Most require all high-rise buildings and business premises to be cleaned by commercial window cleaning services. Why? Window washing companies usually have insurance coverage to protect their employees against work-related injuries and liability insurance to cover any damage to the customer’s property.


4. Prolong your windows’ lifespans

Commercial cleaners use industry-approved products and techniques to clean high-rise windows, which ensures your windows will last longer. Their cleaning agents are tough on stains but gentle on your windows. As a result, your windows will remain clean and strong for many years.


5. Make a great first impression

Nobody gets a second chance to make a first impression. By hiring commercial window cleaners, you send the message that you care about your property’s appearance. This can boost the confidence of customers walking into your premises or tenants seeking rentals.


City Wide Services has been cleaning high rises for over 40 years and has well-qualified window cleaners who tackle the most demanding jobs.