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What to Consider When Choosing a Building Maintenance Company

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For a lot of companies, maintenance costs can take up 15% – 40% of their operating budget. And that too with good reason.


Whether you own the building or are renting, your property is an investment. It is both the headquarters of your operations and the sanctum where you engage with your clients.


When it comes to ensuring that this space is safe for you, your clients, and your employees, you want to partner with a company that will get the job done. And that means choosing the right maintenance company.


If you are wondering how to choose a building maintenance company, below we have a few things for you to consider when picking a maintenance partner.


1. Experience

Experience should be among the first things you consider when it comes to choosing a building maintenance company. This is because a company with years of experience under its belt will know its way around the job. 


City Wide Building Services has over 45 years of experience and  the industry expertise your building maintenance needs.


2. Costs

As a business, you don’t want to compromise on your maintenance. But that doesn’t mean you should blow your budget to maintain your building.


Know how much you are willing to pay for the maintenance services and choose a company that aligns with your budget needs.


Ask for a quote from the on set. This way you know immediately if you can afford to contract that particular business.


3. Availability

How available is the maintenance company? What about in times of emergencies? When you are deciding on a maintenance company, you need to know how available it is. Especially if your business needs emergency maintenance or after a natural disaster.


Availability also includes proximity. A company stationed far away from your business will not be as available to you as you may need them to be.


4. Equipment Arsenal

For you to gauge your preferred company’s ability to get the job done, you will need to know the type of equipment they have.


If you need to focus on pressure washing, you will need a business that has the equipment to carry out the job. Should you require lifts, make sure you choose a company that already owns lifts like City Wide Building Services that has three range lifts.


5. Expertise and Training

One other factor to consider when you are choosing a maintenance company is their area of expertise. You want to partner with a business that is an expert in the services you are looking for.


And don’t forget to look into the company’s employee training program. A company that invests in upscaling its team proves that it cares about their team’s safety and bringing the right skills to your company.


Your Maintenance Partner

Once you are armed with the right deciding factors, choosing a maintenance company to work with is the easy part. And always check that your preferred company has a variety of services your company needs.


City Wide Building Services has a variety of services you can pick from for all your maintenance needs.


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