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Why Do Building Anchors Need To Be Inspected Regularly?

Roof with Anchors


If you’re a business owner, chances are your building has anchors. So, it would be best if you had them inspected.


Are you wondering what anchors are? Perhaps you are unsure when to examine them?


This article answers those questions and more. After reading it, you’ll understand why it’s essential to have your anchors inspected regularly.


But first, let’s start by answering this crucial question:


What are building anchors?

Anchoring a building is one of the vital things. If you’re unsure what building anchors are, here is a simple definition:


Anchors refer to steel rods that building engineers set in concrete. Typically, engineers cast an anchor into the concrete. This way, it will attach a steel structure to its foundation and make your building stable.


But an anchor can also connect and fully support a fall protection system. For instance, when workers use a fall protection system, they attach their lanyard or lifeline to an anchor. 


In most cases, a construction company laying down the concrete and foundation will also provide anchor bolts. Usually, they will place anchors after laying a foundation.


Types of anchors


A construction company can use one of the following anchor bolts: bent anchors or wedge anchors.


     Bent anchors typically have an L shape at the end. You’ll place them in the foundation at the same time concrete is being poured.

     On the other hand, wedge anchors have a straight pin with a bolt at the top. You only use them once you’ve poured the concrete into the ground.


Why do Building Anchors need to be inspected regularly?

A building is not complete without building anchors. Every building owner that uses anchors needs to ensure that they are inspected regularly. Preferably, a qualified technician should inspect your anchors. The aim is to ensure that all anchorage points are still in good condition.


Since the stability of your building depends on the anchoring system’s effectiveness, specific regulations and safety codes govern how you should place building anchors.


The state is committed to keeping all buildings in the United States safe. Hence, the state requires that you have your anchors inspected regularly.


What do technicians examine when inspecting your anchor points?

First, technicians will check anchors for damage, or corrosion. Then, confirm if the anchors are safe to connect to fall protection equipment.


According to US regulations, only a qualified professional must visually inspect building anchors annually. Then every ten years, all anchors must be load tested by a registered Professional Engineer.


Failure to inspect building anchors increases the risks of your employees harming themselves. Even worse, they may lose their lives due to a falling accident.


Suppose the state can prove that your employee died or injured themselves because you didn’t inspect building anchors. Or due to loose anchors. That will result in a lawsuit that will cost you thousands or millions of dollars.


Ready for YOUR Building Anchor Inspection?

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