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What is Industrial Rope Access?

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What is industrial rope access, and what are the benefits of using it?

It is nearly impossible to clean the windows of a tall commercial building without using industrial rope access or a scaffold. 


With industrial rope access, a window cleaning team can work at heights without breaking anything or harming themselves. Plus, the crew can work tirelessly without leaving any imprint.


Industrial rope access is such a boon to window cleaners because it doesn’t require much effort to set up and dismantle.


Let’s take a look at other benefits of using industrial rope access:


1. Industrial rope access is affordable 


One significant advantage of using industrial rope access is that it is far more affordable than scaffolding and lifts. Furthermore, the this tool doesn’t need many people to set up, making it quicker and easier to use.


On the other hand, you may pay up to $2,500 for a scaffold.


2. You will spend less time setting up.


You will spend less time setting up to access a tall building. In comparison, you will spend days erecting a scaffold and minutes climbing to reach a tall building. 


3. Industrial rope access is safe.


Without a doubt, industrial rope access is safer than scaffolding. When you use it, you will be protected by two separate ropes, one acting as a fail-safe if the main rope breaks.


Rope access also reports fewer accidents compared to scaffolding. According to HSE, only 19% of non-fatal falls from height accounted for between 2019 and 2020.


Remember, every crew member should meet certain standards and pass all evaluations before using industrial rope access. For instance, companies like City Wide also ensure that every crew member is physically fit before using rope access. 


4. Rope access allows you to reach any height.


Unlike scaffolding, you can use rope access to reach any heights. Crew members can use rope access to enter inside ducts and get domed roofs and high-vital windows.


5. Rope access allows you to be fast.


When you use industrial rope access, you will complete projects faster than when you use scaffolding. Because you don’t have to wait days for your commercial building to be available, there won’t be any disruption to your business.



Here is how rope access stacks up against scaffolding:


• It is highly expensive

• It takes time to set up

• It is hard to reach high building

• It is not safe

• You can’t reach any height

• It is time-consuming to dismantle.

Rope access 

• It is affordable

• It is quick to set up

• It is easy to reach high buildings

• It is safe

• It allows you to reach any height

• Rope access allows you to be fast


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